The Foundation

Larry Rzepka, President/CEO

Larry Rzepka has been part of the non-profit sector for more than 30 years specializing in resource development, strategic planning, external relations and nonprofit governance.

He has held executive leadership positions with the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics Foundation, Gerber Memorial Health Services, and the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network. He has also held management roles with the National Science Teachers Association, Bethlehem University Foundation and the Ameson Education & Cultural Exchange Foundation. In addition, he has served in a variety of resource development positions with Madonna University, Cleary College, the University of Michigan (Dearborn Campus) & the National Association of College Admission Counselors among others.

Mr. Rzepka is a Vietnam-Era Veteran having served in the USAF as a Law Enforcement/Security Specialist in 1973-1977. He was selected as a member of the Military Airlift Command’s “MAC Elite Guard” while at Scott AFB and volunteered for special assignment and duty at Kunsan AFB, Korea.

He currently maintains his support for the United States Military community by serving as the volunteer Acting National Treasurer, Acting National Quartermaster and Social Media Relations Officer for the PLAV - Polish Legion of American Veterans USA. Rzepka is also a life member of the American Legion, VFW and Vietnam Veterans of America.