Breakfast Briefings

The National Defense University Foundation’s Breakfast Briefings are organized in order to facilitate the sharing of expertise and insight of those working in the fields of politics and national security as well as with those in other sectors. A forum of this type will create channels for discussion where they are not readily available or easily accessible for all participants.

The Breakfast Briefings schedule is made up of an undetermined number of briefings per season. It will consist of remarks by experts from National Defense University, the Hill, members of Congress, and senior military leaders at the highest levels on topics of specific interest to the defense and intelligence business community.

Look for the first series in early 2017!

Interested in sponsoring? The sponsoring company or organization will be granted the opportunity to introduce speakers, will get their name and logo on the NDU Foundation website, and their name in promotional materials.

For additional information please contact Mr. Dan Khouri, Programs Manager, at or by phone at (202) 685-3800.