NDU Foundation Fact Sheet [PDF 763KB]


The National Defense University Foundation - A Force Multiplier

The National Defense University Foundation (NDU Foundation) secures funding and resources to support the academic and professional development programs for senior military and diplomatic leaders attending the National Defense University


Forging Partnerships

The NDU Foundation engages military and diplomatic senior leaders with private sector thought leaders and subject matter experts within and across the national security industrial complex. The Foundation facilitates relationships that provide a conduit for private sector expertise and capabilities that enables best-in class transformation and innovation at National Defense University. These partnerships offer corporations relevant opportunities and engagement into current national security issues, allowing business leaders to adapt operational strategies to better match the priorities and objectives of DoD, Homeland Security, and other agencies charged with our national security.


Creating Best-in-Class Learning and Professional Development

NDU Foundation drives vital support and resources to National Defense University for the sole purpose of ensuring NDU remains a world-class university offering a best-in-class approach to senior leader development for the nation and our allies. 


Ensuring Excellence and Mission Success

Our efforts are fueled by the understanding of the important role public-private partnerships play in our national security and defense ecosystem. Together with our supporters, NDUF provides much needed resources to foster faculty excellence, support student success, build international relationships, and improve NDU.


2021 Impact Report

Fort McNair from the south.