President and CEO
James Schmeling, J.D., has over 25 years of unparalleled experience in building and leading organizations focused on higher education, military veteran nonprofits, and public private partnerships.
Special Advisor to the CEO
Retired Brigadier General Chad T. Manske continues to assist the national security community as a Senior Advisor to the CEO of the National Defense University (NDU) Foundation, an adjunct researcher with RAND Corporation and as a Strategy & Logistics consultant.
Senior Advisor to the Chair
Ambassador Stadtler has previously served as President/CEO of the National Defense University Foundation, and as Vice-President of NDU.
Operations Manager
Samantha “Sam” Baehr is currently the Operations Manager at the National Defense University Foundation. Sam performs a wide range of duties for the Foundation.
Vice President Development
Ann Morrison is president of AMorrision Consulting, LLC.
Senior Event Management Consultant - DatocWitten Group 
Lisa is a seasoned professional who brings over 20 years of experience in strategic event planning and public relations to DatocWitten Group, Inc.
Senior Fundraising Consultant - DatocWitten Group
Barb is the driving force behind DatocWitten Group’s fundraising successes.
Strategic Communications Consultant
Eugenia R. Gardner, Ph.D. is currently President and CEO of CommunisPR.
Development Consultant
Michelle Buhr has 20 years of experience supporting a broad spectrum of mission-focused organizations that make the world a better place, with a concentration focused on higher education.