The National Defense University (NDU)

Creating a Strategic Advantage

Under the direction of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), National Defense University is the nation’s preeminent education institution for advanced national security strategy and leadership development.  The National Defense University (NDU) prepares selected civilian and military professionals from the U.S. and over 75 allied countries to serve as tomorrow’s decision and policy makers at the highest levels of command in military, government, and key industry sectors.

National Defense University creates strategic advantage by developing international peacekeeping, joint military, and other national security leaders through a curricula focused on national security, national defense, diplomacy, information management, warfighting, innovation, economic-centric education programs and cutting-edge research.

NDU develops critical thinkers, joint warfighters, and diplomatic leaders and strategic national security leaders equipped to understand, develop, and employ strategies that incorporate all elements of global peacekeeping and national power to prevail against the threats of today and tomorrow.

The National Defense University is one of the only American institutions that really does bring together members of military, the government, civilians and industry and help shape tomorrow’s national security leaders.

NDU:  Five Premier Graduate Colleges—One Exceptional University