Michael Langman
Mr. Michael Langman
Executive Committee - Secretary
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships & Acting VP/GM, D-Fend Solutions

Mr. Michael Langman is the founder and co-President of Wharton Aerospace, an association of senior executives with shared ties to the commercial aerospace and defense industries. Wharton Aerospace conducts annual conferences on Wharton campus in Philadelphia to foster closer ties between the Wharton School, its Wharton Aerospace participants, and the industrial base. By profession, he has 30 years’ experience in the aerospace, defense & space industries and is the Vice President Strategic Partnerships & Acting VP/GM at counter-UAV cyber-takedown company D-Fend Solutions. Mr. Langman’s formative experiences were his time as an intelligence officer in the US paratroops; his combat service & intelligence collection activities include missions with the 82nd Airborne (Operation Desert Storm), Task Force 118 (Operation Prime Chance against Iranian Revolutionary Guards assets) and a Ft. Bragg–based intelligence unit supporting XVIII Airborne Corps (collection operations against Nicaraguan Sandinista forces in advance of Operation Golden Pheasant).