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Mr. Matt J. Wollman
Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Services International, Inc.

Matt J. Wollman is Chairman and CEO of Strategic Services International, Inc., a global security  consultancy and advisory firm. 

An entrepreneur, corporate strategist, internationalist, public safety expert and author with more  than thirty years’ experience in international business leadership, strategic development and  management in both the private and public sectors. 

Mr. Wollman is the former Chairman & CEO of Interactive Health, LLC, a company he founded in  1979 that specialized in innovating the healthcare, consumer electronics, and robotics industries. 

Wollman has had a distinguished career in public service dating back to 1999 when he began  working with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) through its Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau. In 2005 Wollman transferred to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) as a sworn Special Advisor and S/R Chief of the International Police Bureau. From 2016-2020 he served as Reserve Commander, International Affairs, with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office until his retirement from Law Enforcement in 2020. 

Mr. Wollman recently concluded 12 years as an Advisory Board Member at the RAND Corporation’s Center for Global Risk and Security where he co-authored Moving Toward the Future of Policing (Treverton et al., RAND, 2011). 

In 2010 President Nicolas Sarkozy conferred upon him the Ordre national du Mérite (National Order of Merit) in the degree of Chevalier (Knight) in recognition of his leadership in strengthening the Franco-American law enforcement relationship.