The National Defense University Foundation, Inc.

The NDU Foundation invests in the education and leadership development of national defense, security and peace-keeping professionals studying at the National Defense University (NDU).

By working to bridge the gap between what is necessary and what is possible with public funding, the NDU Foundation serves as the conduit for private-public partnerships benefitting the University, enhancing NDU’s global reach, and ensuring that the National Defense University remains the crown jewel of joint interagency education.

We call these partner investments, the “Margin of Excellence,” resources that elevate the capacity of NDU to supplement and support experiential learning experiences for our faculty and students. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of education excellence across the university and strengthening all of our programs and initiatives so our can fulfill their potential. We also recognize the value of making strategic investments where NDU is uniquely positioned to make significant advances and contributions to society.

Transparency & Engagement

The NDU Foundation builds long-term relationships with partners based on transparency, active engagement, and responsiveness. In addition to providing world-class education experiences and opportunities to National Defense University students, our partners are invited to participate in exclusive academic, social and professional activities, while benefitting from opportunities unparalleled in scholarship and expertise in national security matters.

Mission, Vision, Goals and Core Values


The National Defense University Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness and financial support for NDU.


NDUF will support the National Defense University in maintaining its capabilities as the world’s premier national security institution for professional military/interagency education and leadership development.


– Provide NDU with the margin of excellence necessary to augment their budget to enable the accomplishment of their vision and mission.

– Ensure that the NDU Community has the richness of resources necessary to cultivate excellence in the next generation of global security leaders.

– Provide outreach to members of Congress to help them better understand the NDU vision, mission and funding needs required to continue offering the highest quality professional military education to military, industry and civilian US students as well as to those select military officers from designated allied countries.

Core Values:

➢ Integrity
Conduct BOD fundraising and other NDU support in an honest, transparent and ethical manner. 

➢ Excellence
Strive to achieve the highest level of fundraising for NDU through quality processes which meet their priority requirements.

➢ Collaboration
Work cohesively with NDU leadership/staff, donors, partners and sponsors to provide a margin of excellence for NDU staff, faculty and students.

➢ Empowerment
Empower NDUF BOD members, staff, donors, partners and sponsors with a clear message on NDU’s vision, mission and objectives. 

➢ Good Stewardship
Provide open & transparent communication with, and effectively manage financial support from, the NDUF community consisting of BOD members, staff, donors, partners and sponsors