The Sneaky War: Russia, China, the U.S. and the Emerging Strategic Paradigm


Russia invades Ukraine. China covets Taiwan. Iran wants the Middle East. Everywhere, autocracies are bullying democracies, and many liken it to a new Cold War. It is an existential test of American leadership and the future of the international order. But there is hope. We can defend freedom if we understand the changing nature of power in the 21st century. Specifically, wars are no longer won by the strong but by the sneaky, who employ an arsenal of strategic dark arts. The good news is Americans can be very sneaky, when they choose to be. The bad news is there are substantial risks for democracies fighting this new type of warfare. Yet the risks may be greater if we do not. Dr. McFate will explain what "sneaky war" entails, why it succeeds, and how the U.S. can use it to defend freedom globally.