National Defense University Google Program

National Defense University Google Program
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Post-quantum Cryptography, Jacquard, Soli, and Ubiquitous Connectivity

Cyberspace and Advanced Computing Industry Study

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at The National Defense University:   
Col Russell H. Mattern, O.D.
 USAF, (Ret)
Professor, College of Information & Cyberspace
Lead for the Cyberspace Industry Study at the Eisenhower School

NDU Program

Post Quantum Cryptography

Quantum computers are expected to break modern public key cryptography, and as a result these cryptosystems need to be replaced by quantum-resistant algorithms, also known as Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) algorithms. These PQC algorithms are being selected and standardized by several standardization bodies. However, even with the guidance from these important efforts, the danger is not gone: there are billions of old and new devices that need to transition to this new suite of algorithms, leading to a multi-decade transition process. We'll see an overview of quantum computing and PQC, approaches for combining pre-quantum cryptography with PQC to minimize transition risks, and experiments that we can start doing now to aid the transition.

Stefan Leichenauer, Research Scientist at X, The Moonshot Factory


Make the World your Interface

An overview of Project Jacquard & Project Soli and how it helps amplify the human experience by weaving technology into everyday objects. Explore some of the possible opportunities and challenges in delivering and adopting  such initiatives.

Gerry Pallipuram, Software Lead, Advanced Technologies & Projects, Google


Ubiquitous connectivity

90% of the US population uses the Internet, but globally over 40% of the population is offline. The picture is especially grim in developing countries, where only  35% of the people are online. In this talk, we will discuss the strategic implications of increasing Internet penetration and deploying broadband networks.

Max Kamenetsky, Group Product Manager, Google


This event is not open to the Public.