NDUF February 2020 Newsletter

NDUF February 2020 Newsletter

A Note from NDUF Leadership

The National Defense University Foundation exists to fill the resourcing gaps between appropriated dollars that support the National Defense University mission and the University’s needs. We like to think we underpin the NDU President’s priorities with means. The Foundation is laser-focused on ensuring the University can continue to train and educate future national security leaders to prevent conflict and win decisively when necessary. This is a national imperative. The preservation and improvement of our national industrial base and our innovation base are critical to the nation’s ability to accomplish the National Defense Strategy.

If you are reading this newsletter, you share our commitment to the NDU mission. Thank you for that commitment and if you can support the Foundation mission through philanthropic support, please see below.

RADM Mike Manazir (USN, Ret.)
NDUF Chair

I’ve been honored to join the National Defense University Foundation as its President and CEO, and I look forward to our collaborative work ensuring our nation’s national security through educating the next generation of national security leaders. These leaders, whether in the uniformed services of the United States, serving in the U.S. State Department or other agencies, or from nations that are our allies, friends, or partners learn from you, are supported by you, and are engaged with you during their education and after as they continue their service. You support NDU’s vision to “create strategic advantage by developing joint warfighters and other national security leaders and forging relationships through whole-of-nations and whole-of-government educational programs, research and engagement.”

Importantly, the NDU Foundation is in a stage of transformation – we are building closer relationships with the colleges and programs of NDU than ever before, and we are including all of our stakeholders in this transformation, including you. Students at NDU are being included in our programs and outreach, creating networks between today’s national security leaders and tomorrow’s leaders. We’re taking our National Security Briefings to the next level with business and industry partners (read about our first briefing in this newsletter!). NDUF is on the road again this year with events in the planning process in Chicago and Houston and maybe in your region – reach out to me and let’s plan what we can do together for our national security education!

And, we’re raising the profile of all the work being done at NDU, whether in the classroom, in the research centers, or in the various programs brought to NDU for our students – with lectures from leaders like futurist Peter Singer, Commandant of the Marine Corps General Berger, Ambassador Shannon, and former Air Force Secretary Deborah James. Your suggestions for speakers and topics are welcome – they’re core to our mission of increasing America’s national security through supporting national security education and training of the next generation of military and national security leaders by ensuring the margin of excellence at NDU. Your input, your attention, your time, and your contributions are what enable our future national security leaders to excel and learn. I want to hear from you! Email me at schmeling@ndufoundation.org and let’s talk.

James Schmeling, J.D.
NDUF President

Read the full newsletter here: NDUF February 2020 Newsletter [PDF 3.6MB]