NDUF Newsletter - Spring 2023

NDUF Newsletter - Spring 2023

I am pleased to update you about all that has happened in Spring 2023 and where we are headed, as well as to invite you to be engaged with NDU and NDUF, as a sponsor, an event host, or as a subject matter expert.

Earlier this year, we collaborated with the National Defense University (NDU) faculty to sponsor Cyber Summit 2023, with NSA, CISA, the FBI, faculty and researchers from NDU, and executives from Booz Allen among others. We hosted several national security briefings, including with Lt. Gen. Whiting, Commander, Space Operations Command. Our public-private partnerships with small, medium, and large defense and national-security focused partners ensures the National Defense University has the resources it needs to remain a world class professional military education institution for senior military leaders and diplomats, beyond the resources provided by appropriations.

Later in this year, we will sponsor a Summit on Corporate National and NDU’s journal PRISM. We have invited former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to give a lecture at NDU. This fall, we will resume our National Security and Innovation Series, focusing on salient topics affecting national security, diplomacy and economic stability. We are also planning the next Patriot Dinner, which will once again recognize extraordinary caliber leaders who have strengthened our nation’s strategic interest. We are partnering with NDU to fully understand their needs for facilities, infrastructure, people and their research, students and their experiences, and the needs of family members accompanying their spouses during their year at NDU.

We are grateful for your continued support and our shared commitment to national security and global stability. We gratefully acknowledge your meaningful contributions to our national security and to NDU through supporting the NDU Foundation. I invite you to stay engaged us, ensuring NDU has the resources and expertise to continue delivering the best leader development program in the world.

Warm regards,

James Schmeling
President & CEO

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