The NDU Foundation forges constructive partnerships for educational initiatives.
We facilitate programs for national security ethics and leadership, alumni community,
veterans and entrepreneurship, and health and resiliency. 


American Patriot Award

The American Patriot Award recognizes exceptional leaders who dedicate their lives to enhancing human security and global stability. The NDU Foundation hosts an annual event in which we celebrate the accomplishments and service of our honoree together with over five hundred guests from diplomatic, military, government and civilian leadership. Support of the American Patriot Award helps the National Defense University with their mission to develop joint warfighters and other national security leaders through rigorous academics, research and engagement to serve the common defense.  

Breakfast Briefings

The National Defense University Foundation’s Breakfast Briefings Program consists of remarks by experts at the National Defense University, Capitol Hill, members of Congress, and senior military leaders at the highest levels on relevant defense topics. The Foundation holds a Fall and Spring Breakfast Briefings series and is made up of an undetermined number of briefings per season. These briefings are high level informal briefings on current defense issues, and foreign policy. They are organized to facilitate the sharing of expertise and insight of those working in the fields of politics and national security. A forum of this type will create channels for discussion where they are not readily available or easily accessible for all participants.  

Book Signings

The National Defense University Foundation hosts occasional book signing events on campus to allow distinguished authors in the fields of military and foreign policy to share their written work with the NDU Community. These events also drive excellent business to the Foundation Giftshop and Bookstore where the highlighted author often is able to sell copies of their book before and after the event. Past participants have included: General Colin Powell, Former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs  

Colin Powell Academic Chair

The Colin L. Powell Chair is established at the National Defense University Foundation for the preservation and advancement of the highest standards of leadership, character and ethics in service of the democratic values of the United States of America and free societies throughout the world.   

Defense Matters Podcast

Defense Matters is a podcast series, produced by the National Defense University Foundation in which experts are interviewed by our host Mark Phillips on current international and domestic defense topics. The podcast series gives the Foundation an opportunity to highlight the work and expertise of National Defense University faculty and visiting experts on a broad spectrum of key national security and defense topics. The series is a wonderful outreach and visibility opportunity, not only for the faculty members themselves, but also for the Foundation and NDU. It allows us to develop content that keeps outside individuals, organizations, and companies aware of the work and expertise of NDU.  

Lecture Series

The Changing Character of War Series is an ongoing national security and strategy lecture series facilitated by the Institute for National Strategic Studies and the National Defense University Foundation. Offered on a monthly basis, the event hosts national and international thought leaders in a moderated discussion on their views about the changing character of war.  The series focuses on how the character of war is dramatically changing, particularly through an accelerating pace of technological advances even with the nature of war remaining constant.  

Writing Awards

Every year, the NDU Foundation funds a selection of Writing Awards for the NDU colleges during the academic school year. These competitions allow our students to demonstrate their rigorous academic training, promote strategic thinking and research, and further scholarship about defense strategy and national security. The selection and judging processes are determined by the respective college. Writing Award categories and topics differ depending on the college.  

International Fellows

On 8 June 1984, the Joint Chiefs of Staff approved the establishment of an International Fellows Program at NDU. The initial course was held as a pilot program with six countries participating. The reaction among students and faculty was positive with over 85% of those surveyed supporting attendance by International officers. By 1988 International Fellows (IF’s) were fully integrated into the NDU program including enrollment in either the National War College or the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (now the Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy). The Program emphasized a broad based curriculum at the colleges, supplemented by a wide-range of cultural experiences throughout the U.S. in order to enhance their varied perceptions on international and domestic issues. IF’s were awarded masters degrees for the first time in 1994.  

Industry Day

The NDU Foundation gives organizations and corporations the opportunity to visit the National Defense University and hear briefings on what the University is currently focusing on academically and what work is being done within the realm of national security. Industry Days are opportunities that the NDU Foundation provides to corporations.