Michael Tang, Chairman of Tang Industries (TII)
The Michael Tang Fund for Excellence and Innovation

"The creation of The Michael Tang Fund for Excellence and Innovation provides the foundation with future opportunities for investments in global security and peacekeeping. Our goal is to ensure that the NDU has the necessary resources to remain the international center of excellence for joint, combined, interagency, and international education promoting collaborative problem solving across branches of governments with partner nations and educational institutions."

- Michael Tang, Philanthropist and Chairman of Tang Industries

Four Priorities of The Michael Tang Fund for Excellence and Innovation

  • Faculty Excellence: Support of research to benefit the productivity and teaching excellence of NDU faculty 
  • Student Success: Support for student papers, research, and publications to enhance student learning opportunities and outcomes
  • International Relationships: Support for the International Student Management Office and the College of International Student Affairs to build strong relationships with national security leaders from our allies, partners, and friends engaged with NDU, and engage current student and alumni
  • Improving the University: Acquiring technology to improve teaching, learning, and the infrastructure of the university to support national security education and outreach

Mr. Michael Tang has served as an NDUF board member since 2017 and his $1 million dollar donation is the single largest gift in the foundation’s history. Mr. Tang is a Chicago-based businessman and philanthropist who currently serves as the Chairman of Tang Industries (TII) and Chief Executive Officer of National Material L.P (NMLP).